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The young vice-commissioner Gianni Breda Raoul Bova becomes her supporter and assistant. Patricia Millardet plays the mature and strong judge Silvia Conti to work aside Cattani while Simona Cavallari plays the juvenile Esther Rasi who idolizes Cattani Next to being a thriller, La Piovra is also convincing as a study of organised crime in Italy. Finally, eager to learn and grow, Tano convinces Francesco Altamura to send him to a prestigious school and look after his half-sister Maria; in a season-finale twist, it is revealed that her father was Pietro Favignana himself. Marciano's behaviour, which is becoming increasingly brutal, is initially difficult for Conti and Breda to understand. Here is one of our favorites:. La Piovra DVD collection. The action and convoluted criminal dealings take the viewer from the Mafia heartland in Sicily to banking centres in Luxembourg, Switzerland, and Bavaria, all the way to Africa, where the Mafia is conducting clandestine drug and weapons deals. The corrupt Cannito has gained a high position in the Secret Service with the help of the Masonic lodge and is deeply involved in the business of the Mafia, which Ferretti wants to uncover. Crime , Crime Drama , Drama. The music, by legendary Italian composer Ennio Morricone, was equally iconic.

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Despite the age of these productions, the ideas and performances shine through. Screenwriter Ennio De Concini had to be persuaded by producer Sergio Silva to return, and finally Florestano Vancini was hired to direct. In the first series the sound and image quality is terrible, yet in the fourth everything seems to be at a higher level.

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She is eventually jailed again, and dies in her cell, killed by a mob henchman. Season eight contained only two episodes, a trend which would continue for the remainder of the long-running series. Silvia Conti finds his corpse, and vows to avenge him. Arcuti manages to free the baroness and put Mondello behind bars, but he doesn't survive his success for long, as a hit is put out on him and he dies in a car crash.

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The latest season was co-produced by the Austrian broadcasting company ORF , partly due to the addition of Vienna as a new filming location. Plot Keywords. The bodies from the crash are later identified as being Francesco Altamura and his lover. When his partner Ferreti is killed, Cattani is completely on his own.

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Cattani decides to search for those responsible for Paola's kidnapping in Sicily. Send MSN Feedback. User Ratings. The baron has founded a "bank for development", which is to be used for laundering of drug money. Placido had made the decision to leave the production and return to other projects after five years, as he no longer wished to be associated with the character he had portrayed so successfully. Here is one of our favorites:. In his madness, Tano tries to strangle Mercuri but fails.

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Si alguna sinopsis cuenta demasiados detalles del argumento -o para corregir La piovra o completar datos de la ficha o fecha de estreno- puedes mandarnos un piovrq. Filmaffinity no tiene relación alguna con el productor, productora o el director de la película.

Haz click aquí La piovra copiar la URL. Plugin no soportado. Vota esta película. Añadir La piovra listas. Tiene 1 relación. La Piovra 2 Miniserie de TV. Título original La Piovra Año Duración min. San basilio cordoba De RitaLucio Battistrada. Escribe tu opinión para que el resto de los usuarios La piovra pueda leer. All Rights La piovra - Piovrx los derechos reservados.

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The basic plot line: inspector Cattani's eternal conflict of interests between his family life and his professional life, which sometimes leads to very dramatic scenes. It was also sold to 77 countries, including the Soviet Union. As he investigates the assassination of his predecessor, the Mafia strike back.

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Retrieved 22 December Use the HTML below. Producer Sergio Silva spoke of a "creative crisis". Trailers and Extras.

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