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J He estado viendo el video de como se creó el mundo,el juego de composers,descomposers anda consumes y he visto el esquema. A B 5 Read and write T true or F false. Sleep allows our body to rest and our brain to store information. Through photosynthesis, plants take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen during the day. This extremely light, two-dimensional structure allows electrons to pass through easily, which makes graphene a very efficient conductor of electricity. The best way to control food allergies is to follow a strict diet and avoid eating certain foods. The spinal cord produces the response when we touch something hot. Cover the inside of the box with aluminium foil.

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E F Another important invention was the electric telegraph. Because our body is constantly removing old bone and making new bone. Animals can only reproduce with members of the same… a.

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They usually grow at elevations from to 2, metres in mixed mountain forests. Desertification is usually the result of deforestation. Windows facing south receive the maximum amount of light and solar heat. Why is size important for living things?

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Plants absorb water and mineral salts through their roots. Fungi can be unicellular or multicellular. Sleepwalking can also run in families. The objective lenses are responsible for the different levels of magnification.

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Mechanical watches do not have batteries. Your partner releases the marble. OA sight: retina; touch: skin; taste: taste buds. In other words, the body identifies a specific substance, called a food allergen, as harmful. He visto el vídeo "cells,cells,cells" yo sola durante 5 minutos. Me parece una forma divertida de estudiar. Your partner slowly moves the marble above the cup. Platypuses look like beavers. Food allergens can also cause disorders of the digestive system, such as nausea and vomiting, or disorders of the respiratory system, such as difficulty breathing. This is an example of… a.

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The biceps pulls the radius, so the arm bends at the elbow. Risks: falling down, running into things. What type of protected natural area is Doñana National Park? Then, add another example.

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Name the two negative effects of human activity. We use man-made plasma in neon signs, plasma screens, plasma lamps and fluorescent light bulbs. Red algae are aquatic living things, and bacteria can live in all kinds of environments.

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