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Learn how your comment data is processed. The screenshot below is from the Excel Cell menu. For this example we can also use ActiveWorkbook. Copy the two event procedures below in the Thisworkbook module of your workbook This will automatically add the controls to the Cell menu when you open or activate the workbook and delete the controls when you close or deactivate the workbook. Another example is to check for the Excel language in the activate event so you can create menu captions in the language of the user in the context menu. All new workbooks will have the context menu items disabled per your code. If you want to change this menu use this then in the code.

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From time to time you may need to prevent users from Deleting or Inserting rows or columns on an Excel worksheet. You can download three example workbooks here that add a dynamic menu to the cell menu based on the username, language of Excel or the value of the active cell Formula, Empty, Numeric or Text You can find all the information about the example in the relevant workbook. Cells Select Case cell. This is the menu that you see when you right click on a worksheet cell or selection.

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Value : cell. Download Microsoft ContextMenusaddin. In this case if a Dutch or German user opens the workbook no menu will be created because I commented out the two lines that call the macros you could make for these two languages.

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To do that you simply change the False to True and run the command again. These are the menus that you see when you right click on the row or column headers. The screenshot below is from the Excel Cell menu. While the text for the menu item is identical, the Control IDs are different.

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The screenshot below is from the Excel Cell menu. The class makes use of the userform's ActiveControl object. There are spreadsheets available with all the Control IDs in every Microsoft Office product from which you can find what you need. CommandBars Application. This is the issue, when you depend on the menu text you may be trying to reference different controls with one command. Note : On the bottom of the menu you also see the name of the idMso of this menu added by the Microsoft add-in discussed later in this article. How can you disable and re-enable these menu items? CommandBars "Cell". See the Tips section for a tip how to find the names of the other context menus.

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By EduardoGomezJune contextuall, in Temas resueltos. Mi Menu contextual excel es la siguiente. Utilizando el buscador del foro aporte del compañero ST que lleva a otros enlaces contextial por favor revisa tambien esto Recomendaciones. Menu contextual excel Policy. Menu contextual excel 0 Posted June 22, Posted June 22, Buenas tardes contextuap todos contextuual enhorabuena como siempre por este foro tan practico Mi duda es la siguiente.

Link to post Share on other sites. Guest luigi Posted June 22, Hola Eduardo. This topic is now closed to further replies. Precio gasolina madrid Followers 0. Go to Menu contextual excel listing. Problema Menu contextual excel módulo y error en Case sin Select Case. If que compara si una variable esta dentro de un array. Mando de xbox Antoni una pregunta la forma de declarar la variable Myarray es Menu contextual excel la puse yo??.

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For example, you will not see it when you right click on a shape or Picture in Excel The control id indexes a specific control and acts only on controls with that id. The class makes use of the userform's ActiveControl object.

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While it can be used as a single command or two, changing many controls can get very verbose. Run it to locate the control ID of the menu items you want to work on and, then follow the VBA examples to manipulate the selected controls. Cells cell.

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