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What is it about clear slime. All it is is some glue with detergent and that's all it is with some food coloring and that's basic as it gets. This is fluffy slime. Now Playing: Alex Smith notches 1st win after coming back from life-threatening injury. Thank you. So fluffy, right. Give us your review. The deep folds on the surface of our cerebellum aid us in processing the tsunami of information we expose ourselves to every second.

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Karina Garcia, everybody. Reviews Review Policy. Pull the screen to see super realistic slime simulations. Slime is the hottest thing to hit the internet.

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I understand. So, that's basically just basic slime. Reporter: year-old Karina has mastered them all. Speaking of paying off you were able to buy your family a home at the age of

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Flag as inappropriate. I'm so happy to be here. Yeah, so I'm working on exciting stuff coming out with my second book this year. In other words, ASMR videos are like a stress ball for your brain.

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Welcome to my channel and my first video. You have your moment with the pom-poms, I'd like to move on to the very special clear slime. DIY reeled and going on tour next. It doesn't get cooler than these psychedelic sculptures. View details. Got it! Karina Garcia, everybody. How to make the best Easter basket with slime eggs. Reviews Review Policy.

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Speaking of paying off you were able to buy your family a home at the age of Special Series Satisfying Slime Video. Now Playing: Millions of Americans prepare for Thanksgiving travel. This one is Der gent.

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Between social distancing, sanitizing your groceries, supporting local businesses, showing up to protests, e. Congratulations to you. Account Options Sign in. This is a vat I want to jump in.

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