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You can: Set a picture as your home screen wallpaper: Touch Gallery or select a preset wallpaper in your device, and follow the onscreen instructions to select Lock screen, Home screen or Both. It is better suited to transferring large files over Set a lock screen password so that a password is required each time you unlock your Phone. Simply place the NFC detection areas of both your devices in close proximity to each other, and then you can transfer files and other data quickly between the two NFC-enabled devices. Alternate look Delete facial data Remain on lock screen. Huawei Simulator Explained step by step - simulator instructions. Add a guest account Delete guest account. Disable lock screen password Fingerprint unlock Lock screen password Set up face scan. Page Utilities Utilities Check Your Screen Time Digital balance allows you to check the app usage, helps you manage your screen time and guides you towards healthier Phone usage habits. Close an app: Swipe up on an app tab to close the corresponding app.


Page 12 New Device Direct unlock: Turn on the screen. Quick View. Ensure that car headlights do not point directly at the camera, as this can overexpose the image. Print page 1 Print document 90 pages.

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Lock the screen with one-touch screen lock: Pinch two fingers together on the home screen to enter the editing screen. Page Huawei Share Huawei Share supports data transfers between the following devices: Between mobile phones and tablets: You can use Huawei Share to share photos and files on your Phone with other phones or tablets. Keyboard vibration Vibration in silent mode Vibrate on touch.

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When viewing photos in full screen mode, you can: View the basic information about a photo or video: Swipe up on a photo or video to display its basic information. Some applications require and transmit location information. Clock can be used as an alarm, world clock, stopwatch, or timer.

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App twin lets you log in to two WeChat and Facebook accounts at the same time, allowing you to keep your work and private life separate. Are you looking for a free user manual in english for the Huawei P smart ? Vibration on navigation keys System navigation. You can enable the Navigation dock feature on your Phone to avoid using navigation buttons and to comfortably operate your device with one hand. Wireless projection. Page Email After configuration, the system will open the Inbox screen by default. Disable developer options Enable developer options USB debugging.

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If your storage space is still low, you can perform a deep clean to free up additional storage space. Three-finger screenshot. Set a lock screen password so that a password is required each time you unlock your Phone. Search Menu.

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You can use your camera's assistive grid feature to help you line up the perfect shot. Touch at the end of the phone number to unblock the number. View the time all over the world: Go to Clock, touch on the World clock tab, and enter the name of a city or select one from the list of cities. Format memory card Mount memory card Unmount memory card.

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