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New York, NY: G. According to the Oxford English Dictionary OED , matriarchy is a "form of social organization in which the mother or oldest female is the head of the family, and descent and relationship are reckoned through the female line; government or rule by a woman or women. Women were running Sparta while the men were often away fighting. Add matriarchy to one of your lists below, or create a new one. According to Rohrlich, "many scholars are convinced that Crete was a matriarchy, ruled by a queen-priestess" [] and the "Cretan civilization" was "matriarchal" before " BC," when it was overrun and colonized. From the Hansard archive. While those definitions apply in general English, definitions specific to the disciplines of anthropology and feminism differ in some respects. Toronto: Inanna Publications.

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Within none of the following religions is the respective view necessarily universally held:. Im Anschluss an Lewis H. Claremont Review of Books. The public mind is not yet educated to the pitch of universal woman's rights"

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Show related SlideShares at end. Patton ed. Der Ursprung der Familie, des Privateigenthums und des Staates.

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She comforts the sick and dejected, accompanies the Jews whenever they are exiled, and intercedes with God to exercise mercy rather than to inflict retribution on sinners. For the novel, see Gynecocracy novel. A matrilocal society defines a society in which a couple resides close to the bride's family rather than the bridegroom's family.


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Word Lists. Social system in which women and non-human female animals hold primary power and predominate in roles of leadership and social privilege. Kuzner in , A. Asian Journal of Women's Studies. Clear explanations of natural written and spoken English. Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. Observar de que manera influye el matriarcado en las sociedades. Shekinah is the name of the feminine holy spirit who embodies both divine radiance and compassion.

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Claremont Review of Books. While those definitions apply in general English, definitions specific to the disciplines of anthropology and feminism differ in some respects. Example from the Hansard archive. These terms refer to intergenerational relationships as matriarchy may , but do not distinguish between males and females insofar as they apply to specific arrangements for sons as well as daughters from the perspective of their relatives on their mother's side.

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His wife and children Turley, "the role of women in traditional Vietnamese culture was determined [partly] by Dictionary apps. Home Explore.

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